Taking Sarasota Roof Installation to New Heights

Professional Roof Installation in Sarasota, Florida

Since 2012, our company has been offering expert roof installation in Sarasota for residential and commercial customers. We use high-quality tools and equipment because they aid us in getting the job done right the first time. You can always depend on our team to use robust materials that are known to last well beyond their warranties.

The best part about choosing The Sarasota Roofers for your roofing project is the peace of mind we give to every customer. You see, we've had over a decade of on-the-job training and experience since our business began. However, that's not where our contractors' expertise starts.

Collectively we have nearly 75 years of experience in the roofing industry. That's a lot of asphalt shingles and nails! In addition, we're a fully licensed and insured entity that employs GAF-certified structural engineers and contractors. We invite you to call or email our crew right now so we can secure a FREE estimate and inspection for you.

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What are the Benefits of Professional Roof Installation?

We live in a time where DIY projects can quickly be accessed online. You'll boot up the PC and be able to watch a person adorned in a hardhat and toolbelt make new roof installation in Sarasota easy. Most homeowners don't have the tools or safety equipment necessary to make the project go smoothly, but we do! Here's why you should always go pro when installing a roof:

  • Matters of Safety - Every year, numerous DIYers fall off roofs resulting in horrible injuries. Not only are safety measures necessary, but one must know how to deploy them. Leave the roofing to the contractors for your well-being.
  • Expert Waterproofing - When a GAF-certified roofer is on the scene, you can guarantee that your new roof will be completely watertight and never succumb to leaks.
  • Superior Quality Materials & Fixtures - Licensed contractors have access to roofing materials that the general public does not. Skip the subpar products and hire a pro.
  • Warranties are Guaranteed - Typically, when you DIY your roof installation, you have zero warranties. However, when a professional takes on the task, you are guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Longer Lasting Roof - Contractors are experts at their craft, and they understand how to correctly install a roof so that it lasts a lifetime.

There are many other reasons why you should hire a reputable roofer such as our company for all of your installation needs. Let's chat about your options during a zero-cost consult!


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Still Thinking About It? Don't Wait too Long for Sarasota Roof Installation!

There are times when the Sarasota roof installation process might leave you shaking your head. After all, it is a big undertaking. However, if your current roofing situation is failing miserably and other components of your property are going down with it, we suggest not putting the project off.

Our company promises to quickly and affordably get your new roof placed as smoothly as possible. We show up to work on time, and we don't leave until everything on the day's schedule is done. Unfortunately, too many times, we've seen water-damaged ceilings, floors, and walls due to leaky roofs beyond repair. When that happens, the customer is looking at the cost of a new roof AND structural repairs.

Did you know that we file insurance claims on behalf of our clients? So if your roof installation is covered under your insurance policy, you can guarantee we'll get all the documentation to the right people for you. To understand our processes a bit better, we encourage you to take a gander through our frequently updated blog space or call us to schedule a roof inspection!

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Sarasota's Most Promising Roof Installers - Affordable & Honest!

The Sarasota Roofers is a dedicated roofing company that values high-quality workmanship mixed with integrity. Our customers love our work ethic because they know we stand on high moral ground. You'll never catch us offering necessary services or price gauging. Standing around on the job? Not us.

We always stay busy so that your roof installation can be completed quickly. The best part of our job as licensed and professional roofers is seeing our customer's reactions once we've finished. Perhaps they've always wanted to swap out that rusty old metal roof for beautiful rustic cedar shake shingles, and now they've finally got them.

It's the small things that make us smile. Please know that your roof will be built and installed as if we were placing it on our mother's home. We hope you'll trust us with all of your roofing needs.



See what our customers have to say:
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"When I call a contractor company, I tend to not expect much but, The Sarasota Roofers changed that for me. They provided reliable, fast roof installation services for our new house construction project. The team provided a free quote for their services and were able to answer all my questions. I definitely recommend them!"
- Michael B.

Meeting Sarasota Roofing Needs One Home at a Time

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, our team is dedicated to offering high-quality repairs, replacement, and installations for any roofing system. We only use industry-leading materials that not only last through any weather patterns but also look great, too. Call us right now to learn more about the different roofing styles we can build.

Residential Roofing

Commercial Roofing

Quality Roofing Materials

The Sarasota Roofers - We Stand Behind Our Roof Repairs, Installations, and Replacements!

We can't promise how long your roofing in Sarasota will last, but we can provide you with a solid WARRANTY that protects you and your investment. Find out more today! Call us at (941) 271-0805
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