Exciting New Roof Construction in Sarasota

Your Search for New Roof Construction in Sarasota Stops with Us!

Whether you're looking to place a roof on a new building project or your current system needs to be rebuilt, we're the crew for the job. Our company specializes in new roof construction in Sarasota, Florida.

We've been in the roofing industry since 2012 as a company, but as individual contractors, we have over 50 years of combined experience. Each contractor on our service is GAF-certified, highly skilled, and has years of on-the-job training.

Placing a new roof is a big undertaking, but we have the expertise to take it on, no matter the style of the home or commercial property. When you call us today, we'll hook you up with a FREE consultation and estimate with absolutely no obligation. Are you ready to get started with your roof construction? Reach out to The Sarasota Roofers.

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How a New Roof Can Improve Your Life!

Have you given any thought to your Sarasota roof structure? Is it in good shape, or could it benefit from being re-constructed? Our contractors would love to inspect your current roofing system and give you some insight. In the meantime, here are some incredible benefits to having a new roof installed:

  • Property Value - Add a brand new roof to your property instantly raises the value of your home or commercial business.
  • Return on Investment - Your ROI will average around 67-70% after new roof construction!
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal - Are you trying to sell your home? An old, outdated roof that's falling apart is an eyesore from the curb. Increase your chances of selling by replacing it with something better.
  • Energy Efficiency - Older roofs are made with outdated materials that can leave your home feeling draft, which increases utility bills.
  • Safety - Sometimes, older roofs use harmful materials that can lead to asbestos exposure. If your current roof is damaged, leaks can form and cause mold to grow. The only option is to rebuild the entire system.
  • New Technology - With each passing year, the technology behind roofing systems gets better and more advanced. By replacing your old roof with a newly constructed model, you're ensuring the integrity of your property for a lifetime.

We hope you'll consider our team for your new roof construction needs. Would you like to learn more about our processes? By visiting our company blog page, you'll have the opportunity to get to know us a bit better.

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Don't Wait too Long to Upgrade Your Sarasota Roof!

We have plenty of roof construction methods for Sarasota homes and businesses. The method we use for your property is uniquely designed for your circumstances. The key to getting the roof you've always wanted is to initiate a FREE consultation with our contractors so we can get a feel for what you need.

If your current roofing system is subpar, it'll only continue to worsen the longer you put off new construction. That means you could see increased energy bills, possible mold growth due to leaks, and in the worst-case scenario, a complete collapse.

In addition, we don't want you to have to deal with damages to the other areas of your home due to a faulty roof. Those types of damage repairs can get very costly! Let's get together soon and discuss your options.

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Sarasota's BEST Roof Construction Services - Just Give Us a Call!

 The Sarasota Roofers are your top resource for new roof construction. We strive to serve the local community to the best of our ability by using high-quality materials that are backed by vendor warranties. Our contractors take every precaution to safely construct customer roofs so that they are built to last.

It doesn't matter what type of home you have or the style you are in the process of building. We employ GAF-certified contractors who specialize in every kind of roofing system and material imaginable. Did you know that we also offer commercial roof construction?

You'll find that we have designed and installed TPO/EPDM rubber roofs and flat roofing systems fit for a variety of businesses and warehouses. You can view our past projects in the featured image gallery section of this website. Please, call, email, or use our online form to get in contact with us right now.



See what our customers have to say:
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"When I call a contractor company, I tend to not expect much but, The Sarasota Roofers changed that for me. They provided reliable, fast roof installation services for our new house construction project. The team provided a free quote for their services and were able to answer all my questions. I definitely recommend them!"
- Michael B.

Have You Heard? We Offer Roofing Services in Sarasota Fit For Every Need!

Searching for an honest roofer in Sarasota that offers services you need can be challenging...until now. The Sarasota Roofers make getting residential and commercial roofing services including roof repair, replacement, installation, new construction, and inspection easier than ever before. Plus, we use quality roofing materials that you can depend on. We hope to serve you soon!

Residential Roofing

Commercial Roofing

Quality Roofing Materials

The Sarasota Roofers - We Stand Behind Our Roof Repairs, Installations, and Replacements!

We can't promise how long your roofing in Sarasota will last, but we can provide you with a solid WARRANTY that protects you and your investment. Find out more today! Call us at (941) 271-0805
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